DRIIIZY X2 15000 Dual Tank Disposable-Pineapple Lemon

Item No.: 00110
Nicotine: 5% salt nicotine
Puffs: Up to 15000 Pufffs
Coil:Mesh Coil
Rechargeable:Type-C Charging Port
Feature : Liquid indicator, Mesh coil, Dual Tank.
DRIIIZYSMOKE offers dual tank and dual coil to ensure a larger capacity and an extended flavor experience. The taste remains consistent from your first puff to your last.
*To switch tanks: Just lift and rotate the mouthpiece. Simple and easy.
*E-liquid capacity: Observe the color indicator light below the tank:
Relatively high capacity.
Moderate capacity.
Low capacity.

Safety Tips:
*Keep away from children and pets.
*Avoid leaving the device in a high temperature environment(e.g., in the car on a hot day).
*Once fully charged,unplug the device from charging cable.